No Smoking Day
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An insane but smoke free day!

Well, the last couple of days have been hectic, back at work and we are being "reorganised" so chaos and tempers fraying!

Today particularly bad ending with a long acrimonious meeting that had a few people (myself inc) seething. In the old days I would have stomped off and smoked a cig but strangely wasn't even tempted to smoke (at this point). I thought about it purely out of habit and then just kind of dismissed it.

I realised at lunchtime I'd forgotten to bring my tablets to work ( I'm supposed to take one every 21/2 hours) and was a bit worried but then I didn't even think of smoking all afternoon.

To top off a bad day when I got home someone put a bullet through my front door. Yes, thats right! And no I'm not some kind of gangsta and don't have any enemies (at least not that type). So pretty shaken up :( Its caused enough damage to the door for me to need a new one :( At this point I did think about going to buy some ciggies as I felt kinda restless the way you do when getting over a shock but I thought this is a habit thing, I don't really want one and why make a bad day worse. So I am still smoke free :)

Don't think much else can go wrong today but perhaps I shouldn't tempt fate...

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Omg, where do you live. I thought I had a bad day cause I had to go dentist:eek:. Insignificant compared to your day......great job on not smoking though:D


Well at least you can buy a new front door but you cant buy new lungs

Very well done your doing great


Gordon bennett!!!

Well, if you can get through a day like that, you really are cooking with gas. Absolutely brilliant.



well done...

...for not smoking, keep it up, and if you have any fags left maybe you could use one to block the bullet hole?! :D


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