How is Everyone?

I don't know about you, but I'm seeing a lot of unwarranted aggro going on recently on the forum, not only from people responding to posts, but also from people taking offense at what others have posted.

Now, I'm not the most popular person around I must admit, and I am prone to make light of situations, or even to go completely overboard at times... having an ALL OUT WAR! (:D:D:D), BUT, even I can see when enough is enough (ssshh Cav, no comment, please :p).

In light of all this, I would like to make a public appeal to everyone to think before you post, and if you can't think before you post, think about the fact that whatever someone has posted that offends you has probably been written by some retard to whom you wouldn't give the time of day if you knew them in real life (that was a joke, folks!). Seriously, think about the fact that people are often on edge when they quit, and may say things they wouldn't otherwise say.

Don't you think it's time for a group hug?


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  • Awwwww no more cats purlease hee hee only kidding.....I agree wit ya Alex;)

  • nice one Alex..xx

  • Awww and I was looking forward to a good cat fight...seriously though. It's been pretty bad of late, let's all chillax and focus on our quits. As well as "proof-reading" your posts so as not to come across as an ass, I think people need to recognise when they're in a mood due to quitting and not take things to heart and try to not get upset so easily. We're all guilty of it...people are genuinely trying to help 95% of the time, and some come across as harsh as people do need to be given a good shake at included.

    Lisa xx

  • Alex, couldn't agree more!! Well said and great you have come out and said it.

    Let's get on with what we are here to do, won't always agree with each other, that's what makes the world go round, but thinking about other peoples feelings is a good start!

    Group hugs all round to everyone.

    Sara x

  • Hey Dudes

    Anyone else feeling the love in this thread???

  • Hey Dudes

    Anyone else feeling the love in this thread???


    Being a hippie is a matter of accepting a universal belief system that transcends the social, political, and moral norms of any established structure, be it a class, church, or government. Each of these powerful institutions has it’s own agenda for controlling, even enslaving people. Each has to defend itself when threatened by real or imagined enemies. So we see though history a parade of endless conflicts with country vs. country, religion vs. religion, class vs. class. After millennia of war and strife, in which uncounted millions have suffered, we have yet to rise above our petty differences.

    After all, what is one day in the grand scheme of things, my friend? :D


  • Think before you post

    Hello Alex76 couldn't agree with you more. Why should we be treated with kid gloves as we try to quit. Isn't it a matter of the truth hurting. We could do well to rememember the way we were treated when we smoked.

    My advice is get real and toughen up and stop behaving like spoilt children Kicking an addiction isn't easy it exposes the raw nerves of human nature no longer dulled by nicotine.

    Michae a.k.a:- lefoy123

  • I haven't posted in a few days, due mostly to business travel and lack of internet access, so it would seem I've missed the drama.

    Would someone be kind enough to direct me to the offending posts and posters? That way, I could gloat, chastise, lecture, dismiss, enrage, patronize, or report them to a moderator, as warranted. :D

    Seriously, I'm glad I missed whatever is going on. I'm here to quit smoking, get help from others further down the road, and extend a hand to those behind me. If it's drama people want, they should post on a Netflix message board.

    I'm happily in the middle of Day 35 now and still taking it one day at a time. :)

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