No Smoking Day
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who'd have thought?

Wow, can't believe i made it to month 2! it feels so great to have got this far and I hope all the folks that quit when i did (march 14th) are all still here!

I've read many posts where people have been having really hard times but the support from everyone else is phenomenal, and the advice is brilliant! Personally i've went cold turkey as i don't even want to be reminded i used to smoke by using replacements, but that works for me. whatever you are doing to get through it i sincerely hope it is working!

See you all in Month 3!!

Stuart x

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Way to go Stuart.....

Not many more rooms left before you are sat in the Penthouse bar. :D

Keep up the good work. :cool:


Well done Kwitta!!!

I was going to post a picture of a cold turkey celebrating (he he), but you're going to have to make do with a cat :)

Keep up the great work!



cheers Jon and Alex, yep feels pretty damned good ........ lol

can't wait to make it to the penthouse ....


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