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Don't feel as ashamed now!!!!

Well I'm safely into the 6 month section again. I haven't posted in any other up until this one as I felt a little ashamed that I started again after nearly 2 years.

But now I am confident that my year long (nearer 2 years)'slip' is a long way behind me now and am looking forward to the penthouse again!!

What do you think about posting this in the day 1 for support to those who have just slipped like I did to show that you can get back on??

Again just reading the posts for the last 6 months has massively helped and I thank you all for keeping me entertained with just the same struggles I was having myself.

Thanks again


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Well done Jimbob,

Look forward to your post, any tips to would be great.

Joanie X


Well done Jimbob...I'm nearly 6 months quit too and feeling sooooo much better in my quit. Thanks for your post...just reminds me to keep on being vigilant as that shitester nicodemon will prey on any weakness. Well done on quitting again and being quit for 2 years previously is no mean feat either. Huge congrats...keep on trucking.

Lisa x


Hi Jimbob,

First of all CONGRATS! for having made it into the 6 months section!!!

If it's any consolation (I doubt it), I gave up for almost 5 years before starting again, and then only quit again after another 10 years of smoking. It does seem to happen to a lot of us, which is why we have to go for N.O.P.E.



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