And here I am again!

I have been stop/starting for the last 3 years. I have had enough. Rather than beating myself and feeling defeated, I am back and raring to finally beat my addiction.

I have been reading on WhyQuit, I have made my list of my reasons to give up and I am looking at this as a new beginning. There are a multitude of reasons to stop and zero reasons to continue with the filthy habit.

I plan to do this one day at a time. So today I will not smoke....

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  • Hi Elaine

    Good luck with your quit, I have said to myself over and over again "Today I choose not to smoke".

    Are you using NRT, Champix or CT?

    You can beat this, I believe most people have lots of attempts before finally beating the old demon.

    Keep positive and wish you lots of luck and support.

    Sara :)

  • A big well done for quitting again Ellie...not sure I could do it again if I ever started again.

    Your plan is exactly the one I follow (still) - today I will not smoke!

    Good luck - and remember, it is all just positives ahead of you now...!



  • Welcome EllieC. :)

    One day at a time is a good approach to take.

    I look forward to watching you rattle through the different rooms as you progress with your quit. :)

  • Today has gone fairly well. I have kept myself busy and have taken deep breaths when I have felt a crave coming. I plan on having a smoothie after dinner to top up my vitamin C levels. I will go for a swim this evening to tire myself out. In past quits I have really struggled with sleep in the beginning.

  • Good luck Ellie :)

    One day at a time is a good way to go and if it gets tough, even 1 hour at a time.

  • And again

    I was doing quite well in my quit then a major crisis with teenage son tipped me off the wagon. Ironically, it was to do with addiction - cannabis. Now that I am informed and trying to work out how to deal with my son's issue, I realise I need to get my addiction sorted once and for all. I have not been a good role model on that front.

    So after licking my wounds, I have decided I need to move forward and learn to deal with stress in a different way. I have started sessions with a personal trainer at the gym to help keep me focused.

    I don't know what lies ahead with my son but I know what I need to do for myself.

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