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Would I do it?

I don't know why, but I seem to have been having more thoughts about smoking this week. :confused:

It's not like a craving, or even a desire. It's just a gentle word in my ear, but one that sticks around for too long.

I don't feel that I will cave in, but it's irritating nevertheless. Nothing is really happening in my life to trigger it.

Acht. I guess it will go away again soon enough. It will have to be a lot smarter to catch me out this time. :rolleyes: Perhaps it thinks I am still the stupid idiot who thought a few party fags over Christmas would be a good idea......

Well, I'm not. Not any more.

Stay strong, my fellow quitters. We are all smarter than this. :cool:

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I have a 'sensations', not cravings exactly but still irritating so I'm with you. I was fully expecting these to lessen over the weeks (yesterday was a good day) but I see that you're a month ahead of me :( It really is quite a strange feeling because my head doesn't want a smoke.

So, who here has been quit for ages and can offer us reassurance?


Hi both of you...

I recognise this!! If you were to search back through my early posts you would find messages from me, wondering why I couldn't keep my head straight. I too experienced those little whisperings of 'I wonder what it would be like to have just one, would I still like the taste?' and 'I know something will happen to make me fall of the wagon at some point, it's just a question of when' and 'I think I'm always going to secretly want to smoke, even if I say I don't'. And so on, and so on, in various guises and permutations.

This too shall pass. Your rational mind knows you don't want to smoke, you just need to keep plugging away making the right choice until your subconscious catches up. See the link in my sig!

Keep on keeping on :)



So, who here has been quit for ages and can offer us reassurance?

*Enthusiastically raises hand*

Me, me!!!! :D:D

I would like to put myself forward as that living proof that this does all go away! Just keep going and stay positive, and it will all fall into place, I promise. ;)

You are both doing so well. :cool:


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