No Smoking Day
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Yoo hoo!

I made it to this room, I can hardly believe it! So chuffed with myself that a wee treat may be the order of the day. I've not posted too often but have read loads on here that have helped me through ( and will continue to) the off days. Thanks to you all xxxxx

oh and one other thing... I had to get my month 2 post in before DGee hahahahahaa.

keep quitting march hares! :D:D:D

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Well done Dot :D


Well done!!

I am also in month 2 and like you I don't tend to post on here a lot but do drop in each day to read posts. Which I have found really helpful. It's sometimes good to know that I'm not going mad or have not undergone a personality transplant over night! It's just part of the deal of quitting smoking!

This is first time I have ever attempted or wanted to quit, and I am extremely impressed with the amount of people trying to quit.

I look forward to seeing you in the next room😃


Keep going Dot, it just gets easier from here! You are doing well.


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