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Day 25

So I'm on day 25, not had nicorette gum for over a week. My extreme mood swings are not so extreme anymore and when my other half smokes in front of me I feel ok with this now and don't want to beat him with a big stick everytime. (he smokes in the garden since I quit but if we are out together he will smoke in front of me)

So some stats, I have saved £173 and not smoked over 480 fags :D

I need to start running again as I have let my fitness slip alot in the last year so that will be my next focus, I was hoping I would have bags more energy by now and it would give me the motivation... but no, so I will just have to do it myself!

Thought I needed to post something as I havn't posted in this room yet and I will be moving soon :p

Hope everyone else is doing well!!

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:D thats a great post to read

well done you :)

so what are you going to treat yourself to with all that money


Well I think I will have a very nice holiday in september/october and my savings can go towards that! It will be nice to go to duty free and not stock on fags :) worried customs will come and get me on the way back :o:D will have to buy lots of perfume and makeup there instead from now on


Well done, and it's great to see the money and not the smoke.

Have a great treat with it.

Joanie x


Thanks Joanie xx


Top, top job Maddie :D

If you can quit despite having a partner that smokes you can do anything.

Amazing strength and determination which can only lead to one thing, a forever quit! :cool:


:DWell done maddie....keep doing


Thanks Capitan and PPL86, This is definitely it for me I know there will be ups and downs but i'm not going to smoke! Just need to do some damage limitation with the weight gain I can already feel creeping up on me, but chocolate never tasted so good!! :p


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