4 weeks today :D

Woohoooooo four whole weeks without smoking - can't believe i'm saying this but it's deffo getting easier & that 'I'm going to rip your head off if you speak to me' feeling is gone :D

As some of you know this is my 4th attempt & i'm making sure it's my final one, think i'm actually less depressed & edgy without cigs :D

Denise (dancing round the room!!)

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    Hooray Denise .. and we're on our way!

  • Well done Denise!


  • Excellent! Way to go!

  • Congrats! Woot woort!

  • Well done Denise :D:D:cool::cool:

    Zoe xxxx

  • whoop whoop.....4 weeks is great Denise especially knowing you haven't decapitated anyone lol :D:eek:

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