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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 drawing to close

Well, as the title suggests day 2 nearly done. Again, not too bad though I would really like a ciggie right now. I am resisting of course. The tablets seem to do what they say on the tin and nice that I'm not running back and forwards for prescriptions to get them.

NHS programs seem to work great for some but not really for me. I got more stressed trying to get myself to the appointments and groups juggling work and childcare and then stopping to get prescriptions plus I found the "counsellors" patronising attitude wound me up as they obviously had never smoked and so no clue what smoking is like and consequently no clue about the emotional rollercoaster I went through on my previous quit attempt.

I feel I'm much better just with the forum which is full of people who know all about smoking and quitting and are always ready to offer a word of encouragement.

Anyway, onwards and upwards...

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Well done JoC before you know it you will have done your first week


Way to knock off another day! Remember to not view smokes as something you want, and remember why you decided to quit. These craves are just the nicotine calling you back, as your body will be much happier in so many ways without it. Keep strong, breathe easy, read lots when the going gets tough,



Well don Jo, :D

you did better than me last time, so you will do even better this time ;)

Zoe xxxx


Yayyyy on your second day, the first week is horrible but you're nearly there :)

You don't need a cig it's just the habit that makes you think you do, keep going you're doing this :D

Denise :)


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