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2years pookie

I cannot think of anything nicer to do today then to wish my good friend POOKIES a big congratulations on her 2 year quit, a little late i know but I wouldnt miss this for anything.

Pookie is my inspiration, she is real and honest. Her support and advice on her time within this forum came from the bottom of her heart. No pretence, just how it is. Perhaps a bit of a stranger nowadays but if you had the pleasure to know her she is top. She helped a lot of people on here and me being one of them.:)

I am so glad our paths crossed my friend, and I just had to mark your 2 years anniversary. Although you might be mad with me I know that this milestone is just as important to you as marking a week. Youve done soooo well.

So I raise a glass and crack open an easter egg to the one and only Spookie Pookie.

I know your not that mad keen on chocolate(weirdo! lol) ..... so ive sent you easter cake instead!

A slice of cake, A glass of special brew:D, A gael(looking geeky) and A kurt cobain tune. What more could a girl ask.

Be proud because you have worked hard for your achievement, and im sure its worth it!:)




and Kurt..:)

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I bet you can't count them :D

Have one on me... No, not spill it on me! Oh, alright, whatever :D


I would also like to say Congratulations on a very remarkable 2 years quit.

It’s great when someone achieves such a momentous milestone.

Regards and best wishes from all the Mods


You and me will be having words later KK :mad: only joking cos all the nice stuff you said brought a tear to my eye and I'm so glad our paths crossed too matey - you kept me going when it was getting tough and on occasion you made me laugh so much I thought I 'd have to invest in some Tena's :o as I keep telling you you'll never be shot of me until I can post on your 1 year thread - a big thanks for Gael too as he made up for waking up to OH's hungover face!!

I wasn't going to do a 2 year post as not smoking these days just feels normal - think I'm slowly reaching the stage where I'm forgetting the old smoking me. To anyone just starting on this journey or those that are having a pants day all I can say is stick with it - this will be one of the best things you'll ever do :) When I started out I was terrified of quitting, scared that I'd change and life would be different and you know what - yes I did change and life is sooo very different but in such an unbelievably good way. So when those bad days hit just dig in your heels and tell yourself that you won't have a fag today!!

I'd also like to say a big well done to my Italian quit buddy Alberto as he hit his 2 years last Friday - he's a very special person and one I hope will be in my life for a very long time :)

So thanks for the kind words as it does mean alot - I'm off to dribble over Kurt now.


Wwll done Pookie on reaching two years, something to be proud of and thanks for putting it up KK. Congrats to Alberto too. David


Hello pookies, ahh what a lovely post back at me!:D ........ So want to be where you are, forgetting the old smoking me must be a very good place! you might be posting in my 1 year sooner than you think! watch this space:p

Well done to Alberto also :) and great to see you around david :cool:


well done Pookie....I'm so envious:D, can't wait to get where you are:eek:


Huge congrats Pookie :D

you were such an inspiration to me with your humour and wisdom . So pleased to read this .

We had lots of laughs on the no footie thread didnt we ?

This year with Olympics and Jubilee ?best we are not around to take the mickey . loved those days .

so pleased all good with you and now .....Non smoker for life .

Alberto pleased for you also .take care .

skylark xxxxxxxxxx


forgot this my friend

still knitting your leg warmers ;)


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