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Was at a birthday party last night and failed :eek:. It seems it's easy to pack in the nicotine demons (but didn't feel like it at the time) but it's definitely harder to sustain the quit:mad:.

I know I have knocked my self-esteem and my 4 month quit but it seemed a good idea at the time! It's amazing how booze weakens resolve!

Well - I realised this morning I had a choice - carry on with the weed or re-motivate myself back into my quit - pleased to say I have gone with the latter. Just to sort myself and clear my head out I have been for a jog this morning. Will be referring to Mr Carr today I think! :D

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Oh I'm sorry you had a slip last night. But at least you are going straight back to quitting. You could easily have decided to continue smoking and say you would try to quit again later on.

I am sure you will learn from this experience which can only make you more knowledgable and stronger for future. Maybe you should think about cutting down on the alcohol when out!! Ha.

Good luck and well done for getting straight back to it!



Had a few drinks myself last night (don't usually drink) and for the first time in I don't know how long I reached for my smokes just to remember I quit over 3 years ago.... I'm so over smoking, it surprised me, as did the brief notion of 'oh a smoke... that would be nice now, I guess...' this from a very happy non smoker.........

I think smoking and drinking go so well hand in hand..... both are addictions, both poorly understood, and so tempting to us especially in the early quit phase.... just realize this and be really well prepared mentally next time you go drinking so you don't get caught off guard. Well done continuing on with your quit.


:([Gutted for you, its an easy mistake to make, I for one have been there.

Its done, nowt you can do about it, its which course of action you take now that is important. Good luck and hope you make the right one


Glad u gotback straight away. dont give up your 4 month quit. i hope youve decided that smoking aint what u want to do. always remember why u quit in the first place.



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