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Hello Month 4

Hello to all in months 4 & 5 hope all is well.

Didnt think I would get here at times, but here we are and time does pass quicker than you think or can imagine.

On the plus side : I have not smoked 1840 cigs, saved £644, ran a half marathon, lost a bit of weight, teeth a bit whiter, gained belief that there is a life out there without cigarettes,.

On the down side I generally feel knackered, and feel a bit glum. Today I am dripping about and wondering what its all about.

I dont want to smoke in the slightest, but keep having moments where it feels like something is missing. I guess when you have spent so long doing something, just need time to adjust to not doing it.

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Top man Mr G :D

You're right, you just have to keep persevering to totally break the actual habit.

You're the right man for the job though, so I know you're going to make it.


Well done Andrew

I suppose these moments are inevitable, but don't let yourself be won over by them. Think about how gutted you would feel if you had to go through all this again. That's where I am at right now, and believe me, it's not a great place!


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