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This is day 16, so I guess so! when I joined I read in here to try and guess whether people were feeling better in week 3, so if any brand new quitter is reading this : it does get better . I've stopped eating so much, I still eat a lot but it's less " i'm going to smother this nicotine craving with food !!!"

Now it's more "omg everything in the world tastes delicious , how did I not know that ? can I taste this pretty flower ?"


Can't wait to get past the first month .... Anyway i'm holding on. Cravings are getting less overwhelming, i still want to fall asleep again when i wake up in the morning , brain goes "yay coffee +cigarette!!" and I realise no, just coffee :p why wake up at all then ? but after 5 / 10 mns everything goes back to normal .

Same thing happens with chores. Why wash the dishes if I'm not going to get a "reward "? I hope this brainwashing can be undone , it's annoying .

Anyway sending strength to all of you , have a nice day !

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Well done Clarinette - the worst is now behind you!

All those annoying thoughts linked to your habitual smokes will die down fairly quickly now, I would think. What you will need to watch for after that is the thoughts that come with the less common moments which can catch you unawares. Just don't let your guard down, and you will be fine. ;)


Thanks for reassuring me :) Well I have another symptom that I wish I could get rid off: I'm having short "hannibal lecter" outbursts , and I want to avoid traumatizing the kids as much as possible ....I don't suppose there's anything I can do about those?

Mh, I guess I'll keep eating and hope it goes away ......

Edit: I also wake up at 6:30 every morning (so, an hour before the alarm on school days ). Just writing it down to keep track and see how long it lasts.


Take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself that this is just another temporary symptom of quitting. Knowing this will help you not to overreact to whatever triggered the feeling of rage. If you can get out for a brisk walk or something similar, that will help you to get your head in a different place.

Or failing that, shove a cake in your mouth - it will stop you from shouting....:rolleyes:

I don't know how old your kids are, but they are amazingly resilient. If they are old enough to understand, explain what is going on, and they will hopefully be sympathetic.

All these feelings came to an end for me after about three weeks, so just hang on in there.


Morning Clarinette and Mrs T,

The cig used to be my incentive to get out of bed in the morning but now I still have trouble working up the momentum too. Think I must just be naturally lazy ;)

I had a period of short outbursts around 2 weeks but nothing over this last week - maybe it is just the quit moving naturally on or maybe because I've been doing a lot more physical type work than usual? And apart from not hanging out with them in the yard any more, I think my dogs are enjoying me being a non-smoker as they are going for lots of walks whilst I work off any anxst (and those excessive chocolate stores).


ok, day...17 apparently , I always get a feeling like i'm exaggerating , and can't be further than 5 or 6 days , but there you go, 17!

I've had an answer as to why I was more murderous than usual the last few days : feminine monthly issue ..... how did i not feel it coming ? took me completely off guard lol, well at least i know being a raging monster won't become a permanent thing (i was a bit worried ):p

I've started washing the nicotine off my walls (with a mop). What a difference it makes on white walls , and really , ew. It's GROSS!!! lol.

Started a little bit of half arsed exercise . obviously i'll have to wait 5 days to continue now :D heehee what a lazy cow really .

Hope you guys are all doing well :o see you soon!


Hey everyone ! So, school holidays are on saturday (france ), and since i've saved 180 euros on cigarettes , I paid for train tickets with it :p It's so nice! although ok, now i'm back to saving 0, but it's worth it :D

day 20 here, still doing ok!


Day 20, that's great! Have the outbursts calmed down yet? Mine chilled right around day 20! Good to see things are going well!



Thanks viking :) they're less constant , they're still there but i'm able to do laundry without kicking the pile in blind rage :D no seriously it's getting a bit better , I've left my partner twice last week though (complete with "never speaking to you again" tantrums ) so comparatively it's better :D



Sounds like we are all pretty normal at this point! Hit day 19 3 hrs ago and my behaviors, reactions, and thoughts have pretty much matched up to all of yours. My biggest down fall was I allowed myself to yawn and crawl back into bed one morning, woke up 4 hrs later, ummm work? Well, long story short I ended up blowing a sick day! Urghhhh, but dang my body just didn't cooperate that day! LOL

Hit the beginnings of week 4 Monday! Going to take it day2day clear to the end of week 4 too by golly by jov! LOL. :cool:


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