No Smoking Day
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Hello to day 6

Well here i am :)

Day 6 and still smoke free. I'm actually kinda proud of myself but i don't want that to turn into arrogance so shall try and keep myself right-sized. No-one more than me used to hate those ex-smokers who used to bang on about the virtues of it all as you felt more and more guilty about smoking the fag you had in your hand so i don't wanna turn out like that :)

6 days might be mountain climbed for me but it's not a great deal in the great scheme of things and i know i still have a long road ahead...but at least i know that road will mean freedom and will be full of happy memories of smoke free times :) particularly with my beautiful granddaughter!


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Well done Mick - you have every reason to be proud of yourself, so don't underestimate what you have achieved. :)

You are right that there is a long road ahead, but these first few weeks are the most challenging of all, in my opinion. You will read so many posts on here saying that it gets easier, and it really does. :D

Becoming a "raving" ex smoker is not a rule. Like you, I didn't want to do this. I can easily stand and talk to other smokers without judging them or feeling the need to preach. You do notice the smell, but you don't have to pull a horrified face to go with it!

Keep up the good work.


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