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Day 5 (including day 4 because I didn't get round to posting!)

So I'm well into day 5 and chuffed to bits that I've made it this far. I'm even more chuffed to bits that three mates of mine have decided to quit as well.

I mentioned I was going to a football match last night and was fearing the "half time fag" a bit but as it approached I thought "sod it" and faced it head on. I actually went out with my mate while he had a fag, stood with him, watched him puff away and caught a whiff of the aroma. Didn't want one, didn't have one and felt incredibly smug about it :D. He reckons now I've done it he'll try.

The snacks keep on coming. I've tried fruit but when you know there's mini pork pies and chocolate in the fridge, it's a no contest. Not at the same time, obviously...although I'm open to the idea.

Back to work tomorrow so it's a 12hr shift where I'm not allowed a fag anyway so that should be dead easy!

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Good on yer Dave :) and if you support Burton you deserve an ever bigger clap for not smoking whilst watching them ;)

I have read somewhere that in order to keep the wieght down you should only eat when you are actually hungry and stop eating when you are full..kinda obvious really but sometimes the obvious is lost on me :)

Well done mate



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