Hi to day 4!

Well here i am and no-one is more suprised than me as to how i have got here..it's not been easy but it's not been overly hard either :) Not nearly as hard as the addiction told me prior to starting..but there again i guess thats how it exists..on a bunch of lies.

For anyone who is thinking of, or is, quitting i can highly recommend a good book. Free Yourself From Smoking by Kristina Ivings. It blows apart the lies and propoganda that smoking needs, along with the induced anxiety, to make you keep picking up a fag.

Having read it i feel kinda stupid that i didn't realise this a long time ago but i guess i was entrenched in denial and wasn't ready :)

For anyone who is thinking of quitting...do it!!! It's not nearly as hard as the addiction is telling you it will be...trust me! :)

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  • You're doing fantastic Mick!

    I totally agree about it not being easy but not overly hard at the same time. I was dreading what might be in store but so far so good, eh?

    Keep it up!

  • Well done

    Am approaching 1 week off the smokes (8am tomorrow!!) and like you am surprised how simple it was to change out of the habit!

    Keep going!!

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