No Smoking Day
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new again (lol) day 4 here i come

like everything i have read on here yesterday day 2 had to be the worst, day 1 okay totally motivated, day 3 today had craving but thought of how happy i was this morning knowing that i had said no to a ciggie the day before even though i had a huge craving i STILL SAID NO. i proved to myself that i can do this, a long way to go but i am on the right path.

I am 27 and have been smoking since i was 14 all my adult life really sad i no. I feel like i never had a choice like i come out of my mums womb smoking lol thats how strong i thought i would never give them up.

My reason for giving up smoking is simple i want the choice to say what an who controls my life, not to be lead and said by a white stick.

Thks for listening to me ramble.


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Keep it up. 27 is a cracking age to quit and i wished i did it before turning 30.

Stay with it because the first few weeks are tough.


Welcome annie and Well done on your quit Im on day 30 something and it does get easier ok so i have had cold after cold and these stupid urg to clean at stupid hours is silly but i'd rather have them then smoke

Keep it up take each day as it comes :D


well done

stick with it, embrace all the wierd things that happen to your body, never EVER say "I still feel like s**t so I may as well smoke again"....pleeeeaase stay with it, you know you can. It is not big and clever to smoke because it is easy. It is massively big and clever to not smoke because, at first, it is hard. x


I really love your reasons for quitting, always remember them, they will keep you motivated in days weeks and months to come. You say you have smoked all of your adult life ,well carry on with your quit and you will find true freedom and beleive me its awesome. beyond your wildest dreams.



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