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Breathing Techniques

Hi folks,

Before I embarked on this quitting exercise I had various quits with varying degrees of success. My previous longest quit was 11 months and started on a board such as this - great encouragement knowing there are others undertaking this journey at the same time, especially in those early stages. Addicted as it was (to the forum) I remember being able to give up the daily visit at around 5 months :p

I did have other stops but something is different with this one and I'll tell you what it is... Mindset and Breathing.

The main reason I wanted to stop was for health so I decided to coincide my quit with health and grabbed an offer that was going on one of those local offer sites - this was for a gyrotonic class which taught me to be at one with my body - a bit like yoga but with attention to every muscle and particularly to breathing. I also took up yoga again. Now don't get me wrong, I don't sit around in the lotus position but the ongoing yoga classes help remind me of the breath and its calming effect.

Those annoying feelings that I get which I associate with a 'crave' and which I would previously think could not be satisfied by anything other than a rollup can now be counter-acted with deep slow circular breathing to the lower belly, filling every cavity of the lungs and diaphragm on its way and concentrating on the breath out. It's a technique that can be done anywhere and works for me - one or two breaths usually does it. And what could be simpler?

Everyone is drawn to there own method of getting through the stages of quitting but this works for me and I would recommend relaxation classes to anyone to be taken before, during and after your quit.

Next I'll need to combat my desire for chocolate!

Suze :)

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Thanks for this Iv been so busy quitting smoking iv been forgetting to breathe properly. iv neglected my yoga and tai chi and after reading your post did a bit of practise . it was brilliant to experience it with my new pink lungs, ok they are only 5 mths old but what a difference. never felt more alive. eeehhh ttaaaaaa chuk



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