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2 people at my work have quit

two of the long term older smokers at my work have quit i am well proud of them

i remember chatting to both of them earlier in my quit and telling them all about it and saying if i could do it anyone can

just wondering maybe i had planted that seed of thought in them cause both were the type of people u always thought would smoke till the day they die very hardcore smokers


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Brilliant boo. If you're as inspiring in the real world as you are here, I wouldn't be surprised if you had influenced them. x


ahhh thanks helen

i dont feel i am inspiring but am very happy if thats how i come across i just want to tell people that it is sooo possible to achieve



When I started my quit, one work mate and two friends had already started their quits. All 3 are now back smoking, however they planted the seed with me that it was possible (one day ata time of course) and me being a stubborb fcuker stayed with it. I am sure I've made more than a few people think about quitting and thats a big part of the battle.

Being on this forum and the help, advice and support from everybody has been the telling factor for me...I hope it will be the same for all the people early in their quits. It takes work, guts, resolve, strength to beat our minds/sub conciousness into submission, but thats something that everyone has got within themselves.

In the words of two inspirational forum members...keep trucking onwards and upwards!!!


Bless u boo the Buddha himself will be proud of you he must have had you in mind when he said a raft is not for keeping.. its like a mexican wave dont you think.



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