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Day 2 almost over

Made my last post in the day one thread and couldn't get back on the message board for some reason :confused: the title says day 2 is just about over. Had a relatively busy day, first big test came after going out for something to eat with a mate of mine and the resistance to the "after meal" fag. Managed to get past that but struggled like buggery around 6pm just after I made my last post.

Just had another mate around to watch the footie who happens to be an ex smoker but used to have a crafty one round my house. Obviously this time that didn't happen! We had the "glad you've quit" converstation then moved on.

I've come to the conclusion that for me personally patches don't work. When I got to the tricky period I mardily ripped my patch off, swore a bit and the craving went. Bizarre. Gum is the way forward...and obviously reading all the posts on here. Like I said before, there's a lot of inspiration to be found.

Hopefully I'll be moving on and posting in day 3 tomorrow.

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Day 3 coming up brillient. Keep it up.

Oh and by the way your mate is not an ex-smoker hes an infrequent smoker. The odd one is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately he will probably be back to his normal smoking habit before long. Been there got the Tee shirt, so have a lot of other people on this forum.

Please don't fall into the trap

all the best for tomorrow


Thanks Aitch.

I know it's gonna get tougher but I'm hell bent on it not beating me.


Hi Dave glad you got through day 2 ok :)

There is quite afew different NRT out there and can take you afew attempts to find the right one for you

Just remember to keep hands and mind busy when you feel a crave coming on sipping water can help aswell it will pass coming on here and reading some of the threads

Also writing your reasons for quitting down to go back and read

plus keeping the money you have saved for treats to yourself :)

Onwards and upwards is the only way

Regards Carol


Thanks Carol.

To be honest the only thing that's worked for me so far is the gum. The patches seemed ineffective and personally I think the inhalator is useless although I'm sure others have tried it and it's seen them right. I haven't tried sipping water so I'll take that tip on board and try that today...thank you!


Hi Dave :)

ive included a link to a site that might be of interest it has some really good points on there that may help

hope you have a great smoke free day :D


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