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Yay ... Day 1 done & dusted!


Hi everyone.

Did anyone else give up smoking today?

I m using patches AGAIN - I usually last between 2 weeks to 8 months and then start again. The fatal " oh I'll just have 1 " what a powerful nasty evil drug.This time I really want to get rid of it FOREVER.

Highlights of today were: not worrying if I stank of fags at work, being able to smell a cuppa tea properly, not having furry teeth at the end of the day ( sorry, disgusting!) . Not wasting time looking for tobacco, rizlas and lighter and feeling drug free HOORAH.

Not too many bad bits. Evening is hard ESP with OH still smoking but I'm glad to have made it through the day : )

Good luck to everyone starting this journey . We can do it!!!

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Congratulations on your day 1:D. Just started my day 2, using nicorette minis. Last time I tried, I did cold turkey. Still using cold turkey, but with minis as back up. Alot easier this way.

Take care

Anne xxx

P.S. welcome to the forum!! Join us in the march hares group (quitters quiting in march). They are a brill bunch, they are patient, understanding and cheeky. Find us under ... quick links(top of forum)... under social groups.

Thankyou for the welcome and well done for getting to Day 2 that is brilliant ! I'm right behind you and the future is looking fantastic :) let's keep going !!

I agree with what you say... We can and have done it... beating day 1 into submission.:D

Have a great day 2, thinking of you.

Take care.

Anne xx

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