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here I go again

Hi all, this is my 'n'th attempt to stop - I did three years back in 2004 and since then have been fighting and trying and losing!! However, this time it's got to be for good :) I'm on day 4 and am using patches and inhalator - I've also dusted off my track suit and started some serious workouts in the gym! Hoping that this really will happen now as i can't go on :mad: I have three children, the yoingest of whom is only 6 and ihave to be alive and healthy for them....So. Hi!!!!

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Hi mollsma and welcome to the forum :)

Best thing to do is to read as much as you can about nicotine addiction so that you understand the nature of the beast. There are some good articles on, woofmangs tales are good and so is Allen Carr's Easyway. And of course, reading posts on this forum. And keep posting yourself too as there is always someone here to help.

On a practical level, remember to drink plenty of water which does help, fruit is good too, I quite like frozen grapes myself. Of course, in saying that, I have eaten the most unbelievable junk during my quit so far lol :rolleyes:, so I don't exactly practise what I preach :o.

Wishing you all the best with your quit though, if you quit for 3 years before, you can do it again.


Zoe xx


Hello!! and congratulations on your quit! You can do it, your failed attempts would have taught you enough to make a success of this quit and therefore are not a wasted effort (that's what I tell myself anyway :D) stay strong x


Good morning all! Onto day 5. The only thing that bugs me and I know it will for a while, is waking up and wanting that first cigarette :( However, a bowl of bran flakes and a two mile cycle to work (without having to get off my bike and have another cigarette!) is helping with that! I do have a question though - don't know if this is the right place, but I'm here so might as well... I had a chest x ray in 2004, when I first stopped as I was totally paranoid about having already got Lung cancer. It was perfectly clear then which was a huge relief.

In my entire smoking life (which is 29 years I guess) I have never had a chest infection, bad cough or really any problems at all. Does this mean that I may well be ok as far as haiving contracted something awful? I know it's a bit of a stupid question but most smokers I know have had lots of chest problems after smoking for so long. Has anyone else smoked for years and never had any problems like this? Sorry to be so dense!! :)


I had smoked for about 10 years so not particularly long in comparison to some and was on about 20 a day. I too have never had problems with chest infections or major chest issues (I do suffer from mild asthma but this has been since childhood). since quitting I have not had a cough or any chest problems either (just a slight sore throat) yet a friend of mine who smoked less also gave up and has been clearing her lungs likes there is no tomorrow. I feel tired all the time and she has more energy... I just count myself lucky that I have had one less bad side effect. But I don't think it means she has done more or less damage than me in smoking, I think it's just the body reacting differently to being subjected to smoke for a long period of time. Just my thoughts on it really. Well done for doing so well! hope my ramble makes some kind of sense and relates to what you are saying... (im tired :p) xxx


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