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Just thought I would say hello, I am on day 9 and had a real tough couple of days but wanted to say how much the forum helped me by being able to read the experiences of others.

Although I have no intention of having a cigarette the withdrawal symptoms I have experienced yesterday and today have been a lot stronger than i expected and also painful at times... shivers, muscle aches, pins and needles ....... heres hoping the demon leaves the room soon!



Quit date 14/03/12-Cold Turkey

20 a day for 30 years.......muppet!

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Hi! Welcome to the forum! Congrats on making it 9 days so far!



Hi and welcome Abigail :)

Well done on day 9, I am only on day 6 and still a bit achey but sure it gets better soon!!

Stay strong :D

Zoe xx


Hi & welcome Abigail, you're doing well :) i'm a day behind you day 8 & just about sane!!

Denise :)


I don't think you are a muppet :)

Welcome to this board.


Hi Abigail, welcome to the party :D

Fancy some Demis Roussos?

Before anybody moans, Angela likes Demis Roussos, Tony likes Demis Roussos, I like Demis Roussos and Sue would like to hear Demis Roussos: so please, d'you think we could have Demis Roussos on? :D

An absolutely classic, cringeworthy, play from the 70's!

The scene I refer to above starts at 8:10 on this section of video...


I LOVE Demis Roussos. However this is the one I remember

(and should probably not admit this on a public forum but actually bought the single :p)


Abigail, you must be going CT - that's very brave and I'm proud to make your aquaintance (and that of all the other CT folks on here). Good luck with the quit - the March Hares group is open to new members!

I think I'm on day 9 too but have lost count!



Thanks for the warm welcome all. Yes Suze im CT and just coming to the end of day 10.

Id really like to know how others who are CT are doing with the physical withdrawal. Im not sure if mine are excessive or not but there is no let up at the moment to the extent that i have tried to sleep through the last couple of days ....


Abigail, well done for going CT, too hard for me I know! BUT, after 48 -72 hours all the nicotine is out of your system, so my doctor and pharmacist tell me, so the rest is in your head :). I'm saying this cos I told my doctor that I was going through nicotine withdrawals, and felt so much better when he said I wasn't. Just saying this to try and help so please don't take me the wrong way :)

Zoe xx

P.S. Are you eating enough and drinking enough water?? Bananas are good to keep your blood sugar up to help with any dizziness, and anything with Vitamin C is always good. Take care xx


Best option is CT from a personal point of view. All the bad stuff exists your body far quicker.

You can also feel some changes to your body and it's a great feeling you are doing it without artificial help.

Keep going :)


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