No Smoking Day
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Day 40went. Day 41

Oh i forgot to post day 40 been that busy. Day 41 also tad busy . Still SMOKEFREE and loving it. Reducing my loz too i thought best reduce them now but just have a couple with me when out and about. I ate half an easter egg last night gave the other half to hub thats my first bit of chocolate ive had since quit. Anyway keeping busy as best i can. Ive just hoovered my car out and my neighbour came home and said to me "is that what you been doing all day" in a horrible manner i said no i havent ive done my bit for the day and he just grunted and walked off. I was so upset i mumbled you grumpy ole git thats the last time i return your wheelie bin. I told hub and he said dont worry cos he knows i lose me temper easily. Still i didnt light up. Hope everyone is doing well with their quit. Jacqui

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