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8 Calendar Months and shifted some tonnage

Eight calendar months as of yesterday, quit on 19th July 2011, I have managed to put on 12 pounds and subsequently lost 9 pounds, so I am 3 pounds above my quitting weight. No doubt it is getting easier and easier, I seem to have finally passed the point I was searching, I was disappointed at six months that I wasn't there but perserverance is paying off. Smoking is now insignificant to me (I never thought I'd say that) and such a stupid and senseless thing to do.

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Well done Pete the weight is a big issue for me. I don't want to put any on :eek:. Diet will start when I am slightly stable in my quit. :D


Personally I think putting on a few pounds compared to continue smoking is a no brainer and should not be worried about too much, address one thing at a time. I have previously quit smoking, gone on a diet, joined a gym and fell flat on my face as it was too much at once!!!! :)


Weight Loss


It is a struggle and it has taken me 8 months until I am comfortable, but I reckon somewhere between 7 and 8 months, I reached a freedom point, where I knew I had finally nailed it. Trust me at 6 months I thought that it was going to be hell forever............not the case, freedom belongs to me after 30 years of heavy smoking, good luck with the quit and keep the faith


Well don e Pete, so there is hope. im 5.5 mths quit and my weight has increased equivalent to 7 new born babies. its beginning to shift with effort and thanks to your post now looking forward to getting a smoking thought free life.



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