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No Smoking Day
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im going into week 6

hi all, i have not smoked since 13/02/12 ..:) i had smoked for over 30yrs,its been awful to the point i have cried have not got out of bed & wont go out if i know ppl are going to be smoking,that's how sad i was in my first weeks :( now i feel i have turned a corner as i went out Friday to the pub was offered a smoke & said no i cant ever smoke again:D i feel so much better for the first time in yrs i can breath it been worth all the pain, i know now i never want to go back to those first weeks,

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lilly, that's brilliant. Keep going, it does continue to get easier and easier!



:D Thats a great post to read

So glad your doing so well :)


Lilly.. Thats brill..your a winner, keep it up


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