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No Smoking Day
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Ready to stop

Hi everyone!

I just found this site tonight, after preparing myself to finally stop smoking tomorrow. I have smoked for about 23 years, and can honestly say how much i hate everything about it, from the price of cigarettes, what is does to my health, and the fact that i might not be around to see any future grandchildren. I,ve decided to go cold turkey, with the help of Allen Carrs book.

I would just like to wish all fellow quitters the very best in beating this habit.

I look forward to speaking with you all soon and hopefully helping each other along the way!!!!!!! :)

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Great attitude Denise! You'll find many people who are starting their journey here as well as those who are well on their way, so reach out any time for help, advice, some fun, or just to chat.



hi my son just brought in a quit together pack from school and handed it to me with the link we had a chat about smoking and why is was bad for you making him promise me never to do it, he then turned to me and said why are you smoking my reply was because im silly and i am so tomorrow im going to start useing all the quit smoking things that ive bought over the last couple of months which have been stuffed in the the back of the drawer to use another day but that day is tomorrow wish me luck.


Best of luck!!! We can do it!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the thought of your kids having to deal with your death, just because you were 'silly' for smoking. If that doesnt give us motivation to stop, then nothing ever will.

Keep in touch and hope we find this easier than we,d expected. :)


Hope today is going well for you denise! And to everyone who is putting down the cigs today ... good luck, see you on the other side!!!!



Hi Denise,

I'm starting my quit today as well. Perhaps we can keep an eye on each other and make sure we stay strong!



Good luck all new quitters

Welcome to the forum Denise (and ALL new quitters, especially today on No Smoking Day).

I felt exactly like you sound you did - just sick and tired of smoking, and stinking and planning my life around the next cigarette. In one moment 9 days ago I just snapped and mid-packet in the morning said "enough - no more".

You know, it hasn't been as hard as some of my previous attempts. I think you just need to make sure you are in the right frame of mind and go for it. Not to say there won't be moments where you go to reach for a cig - but hey you are going to feel SO good and smell SO good.

Use the forum to help you through - there are some brilliant links to info and funny stories on here.

Well done and good luck!



We were all silly! If only we could turn back the clock eh...

But you're making a great decision now. So from tomorrow onwards, every time you feel tempted to pick up that first cig, think 'do I want to be that silly again?' - you know how much you hate it, and you have the power to choose not to go back to it again.

It gets easier to make that choice the longer you go on (honestly!).

This forum is a huge help, so stick around :)



Day 1 again

I've tried so many times and failed after around the 3 month mark, fingers crossed this time.

Got the gum am considering getting the patches too.


Welcome Denise (and all the other newbies) & congratulations on making the decision to stop smoking .. You will be amazed and how fantastic you will start feeling in such a short time.

Im on day 64 and everyday I notice something new, today I noticed how shiny my hair is.. Its awesome to have little milestone wins along the way.

Well done and I look forward to following your journey



Good luck Denise, It's my quit date tomorrow & it's my fourth attempt so this time I really want to do it.

I've smoked for nearly 34 years & the last 6 years i've been very stressed (family suff) but I always use that as an excuse to start smoking again - I'm not doing that this time cause I know the stress will still be there but If i'm not smoking I think i'll have more energy to cope with it.



good luck to you all my son is so happy i haven had one today and yes we were all silly it took a long time to enjoy smoking the dizzy head and feeling sick but peer presure made me stick at it (wish i could turn back time )and look at us all now trying to quit, not feeling to bad got a patch on and when the little voices in my head say take one it will be ok i took the chewing gum so fingers crossed x


Good luck Denise and all new quitters. A good frame of mind is definetly needed and a positive attitude. Jacqui quit date: 10.2.12


Thanks everyone for all of your positivity!!!!

Hope your cravings were painless today.

I am surprised at how easy it was today, although i must admit that i have slept most of the day due to having this damn flu!

I think i will have a wee hot toddy to celebrate ( just the one! )

Well done everyone, and see you on day 2!!!! :)


I will be free!!!!!!!!

Hi All - Bought the Allen Carr book today and will stop smoking when I have finished the book and this pack of cigarettes, likely tomorrow night. I am inspired by the book and also some of the posts on this site, though terrified of stopping but Mr Carr's explaination of the 'fear of stopping' makes real sense to me! Have smoked for more than 35 years and have made a few lighthearted attempts to stop in the past, most recent was a few weeks ago using E-cigs (total failure!).

Looking forward to getting to know you all on the forum :)


Congrats to you all for taking the plundge.......im new to and am on day 15,

We can do it, finding it pretty easy now....had a couple of bad day's but will not give in, i smell so much cleaner and my tounge is pink again yay....my friend came to see me today, she smoke's i hung her coat up and it stunk of stale smoke, and after she went, i could still smell it, :eek:

GOOD LUCK to you all keep reading and posting, xxxx:)


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