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No Smoking Day
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Has or does anyone else feel like this?

Before I quit smoking I was quite active, walking, swimming and a bit of cycling. It was mainly my health that made me have a go at stopping. I was starting to wheeze when I breathed out and was getting short of breathe when I exerted myself. In the first few weeks my breathing improved, the wheezing went and I didn't get as breathless. I'm in my 10th week and it's all come back but it seems worse. I'm wheezing again and getting breathless even walking up the stairs. I'm also coughing up yuk especially after exercise. Is this normal after quiting? I did expect the coughing up the yuk bit but I'm worried about the breathlessness. Should I go and see the doc?

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I think it's quite normal. A lot of people report more congestion, wheezing, a stuffy nose, and other cold or flu-like symptoms for a while (sometimes months) after they quit. I don't know what causes it, although I had it too for the first three months.

In any case, if you have worries about it you should see your GP just in case it's more than just your body adapting to the fact you quit smoking.



Thanks Alex, it's good to know you felt the same. The coughing part i quite like because I know my lungs are getting rid of all the rubbish lol I think I'll hang on for a bit and if the breathlessness continues or gets worse I'll go and see the doc. I just wish i felt healthier.


I was the same after the first wave of euphoria i then had a few months of feeling like a demic. i would go to the dr and get yourself checked out as there is no point in spoiling your quit with a condition u could get rid of.otherwise it could linger for ages.summers coming and u want to feel buzzing.

Mash x


Thanx mash, your right I will go docs. It's weird that we all felt better at the beginning! I never felt as bad as this when I smoked lol The coughs quite bad in morning! I had a browse through the forum yesterday and there's quite a few quitters who have gone through this.


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