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Hi all after 7 days without a cig i give in and had a few, my grandaughter was born on thursday 8th march looking healthy but by the friday she was in intensive care fighting for her litttle life, my main aim was to support my daughter through this painfull time and the thought of giving up understandable went out the window, i sat there looking at my 1st grandaughter all wired up praying she would get through the night already having her blessed but still hoping and praying what ever it was she would fight it. the care she as received as been 2nd to none. she is a a strong little cookie because by a miriacle or an act of god she as pulled through, she still fighting and still very poorly and ive promised her that the time she goes home grandad wont be smoking, my daughter called chloe my grandaughter called bailey-rose and they both beautiful xx

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Hi Wolfy

Sorry to hear about your granddaughter - all my thoughts with you and your family - I hope she gets better! I think you can only consentrate on your family just now and go back to quitting when you are ready!

All the best!



Hope she gets better soon. Must be awful not knowing what's going to happen.

The best present you could give to your new granddaughter will be to have a smoke free environment :) hope she's home soon! Love her name also


poor baby, hope she is getting stronger by the day Wolfy.

Hope to see you back on here very soon telling us how good your quit is going, but for now, concentrate on your beautiful grandaughter and daughter.

Take care


My thoughts are with you


After being in hospital for 4 months Bailey-Rose finally went home.since she came home she has been in and out of hospital more times then i care to mention.her last time was for 4 weeks, she is home once again.

I did promise her that i would stop smoking and ive kept to the promise and not smoked since 5th Aug.

She is 7 months old now but still only 12.1 in weight, she suffers from a very rare condition called cytochrome oxidase deficiency, she is a little fighter.

After the last time i was on here i Just wanted to let you no how she was going on, thanks for the support.

I have been quit for 2 Months, 6 Days, 1 hour, 34 minutes and 1 second (67 days). I have saved £536.18 bought loads of baby clothes and nappies lol My Quit Date: 05/08/2012


Wolfy, that is great!! So good of you. That is the best present you could ever buy for your grandchild..good for you!...ppat


Thats great news Wolfy, bless her and sending my warm wishes to you all and your little grandaughter goes from strength to strength

Very well done for sticking to your promise you are doing great, keep going


I didn't see the initial post when it was written cos i was having a smoking holiday... pffft!

But wow, thats such great news that you have kept your promise to your special little one, seems like you both have shown courage and strength in the face of adversity! I hope that your lives are now paved with luck and filled with love.

Yuor an inspiration, hats off to you. x


Thanks for your support guys, wishing you all the best for the future


So pleased for you Wolfy that you have managed to quit the fags and I hope and pray that your granddaughter keeps well and grows strong. Like you say.. she is a fighter!


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