Almost done day 7 :)

I am so happy i have made it through this first week :) I have felt very ill this week, i was taken off some medication around the same time as my quit, so i think this has added to feeling ill. I have a MRI and blood work tomoz to make sure all is ok. This is the hardest quit i have ever done,one thing i do know i never want to go through this nasty quit again, ever. So that is a good thing :D

cold turkey.

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  • Hang in there! Meds and hospitals are never much fun, but if you can hang in there until you can get home and rested, you'll be in a better place to take care of yourself.

    Let us know how you're getting on.


  • well done Ann, I hope all is well. You are doing really well especially with everything else thats happening.....stay strong, you CAN do this.

  • well done :D

    a whole week in the bag, i hope things get better and better for you :)

  • Hiya all.

    Well i got the best news in the world yesterday.My MRI and blood work results came back all good :) :). Iam so relieved. Alex i was not admitted to the Hospital thankfully. My Dr orderd a MRI and blood work to be done as a outpatient . The Dr feels my body has gone into major shock with coming off some pain medication that was not agreeing with me, and stopping smoking at the same time. I just would like to say a massive thankyou for the support i have got through this rough, scary first week and a half of my quit. I would of smoked if it was not for this support group giving me that fight not to cave. I was not going to let this addiction let me feed it at my weak time.

    I will not smoke today i am a nicotine addict.

    I am loving this freedom :)

    Happy to be going your way x

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