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31 days:))

:DHello good to be here in month 2. 31days today, been out for a refreshing wildlife walk at Croxall Lakes if anyone knows it.

Beautiful sunny day today, mind you I didn't wake till 12.20, so we quickly went to do food Shop and then went out bit later. Enjoy being in the outdoors and lovely to feel smokefree, unlike my OH. Still I feel good.

Hope everyone is doing well in their quits.


Quit Date: 10.2.12

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Hey you've done really well.

I've been having a few lie ins on a weekend lately too lol half 11 both yesterday and today!! Lazy cow I am lol xx


Well done Jacqui :) . . I had forgotten (gotten complacent I suppose) to count the days of my quit so I'm glad this post of yours prompted me. I'm 33 days in now and so glad I quit . . thanks for reminding me how glad I am and not to be so complacent . . we've come a long way and we should celebrate every day we go without the evil weed . . congratulations Jacqui xx


Thanks Rochelle and Jo. Jacqui


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