Day 5 is soooooooo hard for mE

oh why oh why do I choose the wrong time to give up smoking, my daughter expecting her first baby any day now my first granddaughter, :) I should be so happy but really feel stressed out today that stressed when having a shower a used shampoo instead of shower gel :( my mind all over the place feel extremely low and grumpy at the minute and very tired everything seems such an effort, just hope I will be ok tomorrow. Rant over.

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  • Hey Wolfy, you may feel bad right now but you are still in day 5 woot woot :D Keeeep dancing :D But without Bruce Forsyth of course lol :eek:

    Zoe xx

  • Does it really matter that you used shampoo instead of shower gel? Bet you still smelled nice off it lol!! You're doing great, don't doubt yourself! I believe there isn't a 'wrong' time to stop smoking really, we're gonna feel stressed when we stop smoking so don't worry

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