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day 65+99

good morning did not manage to stay on the lozenges and back on the e cig. not sure where to go from here but will not be going back to smoking . at least it's probably a healthier option for now. feeling good today but it was a shame i did not take to the lozenges . just gonna sit tight for a while while i decide my next coarse of action. thoughts anybody.

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Have you tried vaping with no nicotine???? Or what about the inhalator, maybe it's the habit of having something in your hands/mouth you need to break. Using the inhalator would be a step down from the e-cig? Sorry I'm not much help but well done on not smoking, you must find it frustrating at times.

Lisa x


thanks for replys

i think i am going to reduce my nicotine level again for a few weeks them try 0 nic . i am on 15 mg per ml at the moment which is considered to be medium.will try going to 10 then to 6 then 0 . thanks for the advice. it seems the e cig may be harder to quit than i thought but probably easier than the cigarettes . i will keep you posted as i how i get on.


Here goes, time to repeat myself again.

Go CT, man up and move on !! :D:D:D


I must agree with francob. After all this time you still have not kicked the "HABIT". It's not the nicotine as much as the habit. I am at 65 days after smoking 40 plus a day for 40 years and the last year I went up to 60 plus a day. Every once in awhile I will still reach for one but realize what is happening. Cold Turkey ended up being my method after the patch for 14 days. It may be the way you need to go....just a thought. Proud of the fact you haven't started up again ...ppat


ecig too

Am 8 weeks in and on the e cig too.Simialr feelings now as I want to get rid of it.Am sick of worrying if I have charged the damn thing up,if I have cartridges to last the day.Am sick of the taste of it too.Be easier go and buy 20 fags ( don't worry I have NO intention of doing that,just saying ).

On a positive note it has helped me greatly and I don't think I would of got this far without it.

Going to use the cartridges I have left,am on the low ones now so hopefully will not be too painful in stopping using them.

Let me know how you get on pfaber and good luck x


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