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Dreamt I Smoked

Had a dream i was smoking last night and had a 20 pkt. How relieved to wake up and know it was a dream. I think i am getting anxious about going out on Saturday for a drink. I am adamant i aint going to have one. Will be using this forum as support because i know how guilty and bad I will feel putting myself back to day one on here.

Got a bit of a sore throat, my glands feel slightly swollen and i am hoping it is still there tomorrow as strange as that sounds just as a re-inforcement not to smoke.

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Those smoking dreams are so weird aren't they?

I actually had one not last night but the night before. In my dreams I was so upset with myself then I woke up and was like "whew...not real" lol

Stay strong this weekend ;)


I have not had a single drop of alcohol since I quit and I do worry that this will be my undoing when I do have a couple of wines - any advice greatly appreciated...


Go for it Dottie.. have a great night.. and let your motivation be to see how much better you feel, and much cleaner your mouth feels in the morning.. Its amazing.. starting to think most of a hangover was the smokes! have a great night out and dont do anything I wouldnt do!


i had another dream last night i smoked again. i am out tonight and having a tough day too. just hope determination gets me through this tonight. i know if i have 'just one' i will prob smoke tomorrow or be very very crabbit lol saved far too much money to go back to smoking and its true hangovers are not half as bad as a non smoker :) got nice perfume to put on so i will just keep smelling myself if i get bad cravings, hopefully be having too much fun dancing to think about it!

will check in


Good luck January, you can do it


Just say No Jan and NOPE - hope you have a good night.

I was on lads night out last night and it was great not sneaking off outside, then worrying about stinking when I came back in.

Hangover just the same however


Oddly enough, I had my first 'smoking' dream last night. I found it quite amusing in a way.

I wouldn't worry about the night out -- After you've done one, it's easy. Just enjoy your booze, and have a great time! :)


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