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Hi guys, I'm quitting smoking tomoro! I'm not telling anyone I'm doing it only you guys!! I've smoked for 9yrs 20-25 a day and lately I've noticed I've been smoking more and more a day! I've got 2 kids and they r desperate for me to quit so I'm doing it for them! I'm also doing it for myself! I'm sick of having a foul taste in my mouth, my clothes smelling, keep getting coughs etc!

I'm goin to try cold turkey but I did go to a quit smoking clinic and tell them and they gave me some patches and gum so I will use those If I can't take anymore lol! Anyway I will defo be using this site and will update tomoro on how my day 1 was! Good luck to the rest of you :)

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All the best!

All the best Jodie1985 - good that you've made up your mind - that's a significant part of the battle.

Your kids will be thrilled


Good luck Jodie, i'm new too looking forward to seeing your posts,:) we can do it,x


Good Luck Jodie and jayb

After 35 years of smoking I decided to quit, in my third week of Champix and I haven't had a ciggie for 9 days, not been feeling to bad but so chuffed with myself for getting this far. Put your minds to it and you can do it, ride the cravings, they only last a couple of minutes. As an incentive I opened a new bank account and the money I used to spend on smoking (£120.00 or more per month) goes into this account.

Good Luck



Hi i am also quiting tomorrow, i have been to none smoking clinic and carbon monoxide test was 19 (kinda scary since firemen/women have to wear masks for 25 carbon monoxide reading)

We have do it...i dont have kids but im sure they will be extra supportive


Good luck to you all - this is really the greatest journey. I was terrified about the prospect of quitting again, but I have actually found it relatively painless.


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