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No Smoking Day
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Got patches

Hi, have just been to quit help in our doctors....after having a very bad cough, doctor sent me for a chest xray,(convinced i had lung cancer) loads and loads of mucus coming up shortness of breath,gasping for breath, have now got patches.............just got to start them, got to STOP, did stop many years ago just by going cold turkey but need help and support now

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Day 1 is the START!

:) I'm here if ya need me...I am on Day 49... we have to start

somewhere right? I am glad you are reaching out for help! Your not alone!

Pray to God..let him hear your heart...he will redeem you!


Great advise Bluetree, I completely agree :D!!!


This is a great place to be, the people here are really great and there is so much support and distraction from smoking. I quit Jan 19th. It's been really tough at times, I could have never done this in my own strength. This journey may start in fear for you right now(health wise) but it ends in healing.



Awww thank you all this has really touched me, god you are right if that xray said differ i would be mortiffied, this is a warning, just got to put this patch on and get started I thank all of you.........WATCH this space, xxxxxxx


You've definately come to right place for support! Im on week four now and couldnt have done it without everyone one here :D

You've been given a second chance so you need to take it, try reading some of the victims stories on whyquit.com it will reinforce the fact you've made the right decision by stopping.

Good luck!!!


:) Put patch on last night, could not sleep too well thinking about not having a cig.....woke this morning at 6;30 lousy headache, saw cig packet on side, not had one, 1st coffee no cig.............not too bad, really missing smoking but have to stop, keep thinking should i just have one..NO don't give in to the evil weed, :eek: thanks...........will comment later. xxxxxx


Hi JayB

You might find it helps to remove temptation.......

Get those 'orrible things, soak them good and proper then shove them straight in the bin.

Just concentrate on the next hour then the next one and before you know it you will be on day2 etc.

Keep up the good work!!!:D


Hi Jay,

I hope all is well wit you. I used the patches for the first week of my quit and I had some trouble sleeping on them too. Also, the mornings were my hardest time for me. Before I would even open my eyes, my brain would say, "go have a cig on the porch". I would get my coffee and sit at the computer, and push threw it. I thought I would live forever like that, but into week 5 now and I don't have to talk to myself and say "no, you don't smoke anymore". It is now, not even a thought when I wake up. Its awesome! Hang in there. Go one hour at a time, one pang at a time, one day at a time.;)


not sleeping is common for most of us whove quit. i personally loved the dreams the patches gave me, they were scary as hell and tottally weird. as for keeping cigarettes near me .nah. the early part of quitting is full of uncomfortable feelings which all eventually pass or change into harmless shadows of themselves.it really does get better.

Mash x:cool:


Thanks......to all you guy's, not given in, the temptation not lasting long at all

day 1 almost over, kept thinking of how many i would have smoked by now,phew quite a few, like you say 1 hour at a time, i feel well chuffed with myself, thanks again for your help and advice, xxx:cool: you have all done great, and i am taking all you say in, jay,xx


Well done on your quit so far, a hacking cough is definitely a good motivation for you to stop... If you've still got cigs lying around you should definitely get rid of them, too much temptation and at least if you don't have them and find yourself in a weak moment you would need to walk all the way to shops to get them!! Good luck on the next few days, they're the toughest, but it does get easier!!


slept rough last night...

into day 2 now, i know it's early but i'm coping, maybe the patches are too strong thought i would be craveing much more, Not complaining, do you think i should wear them every other day..... just thought i would be really ranting today :confused:


Well done for getting to day 2!!!

Every quit is different Jay, some people find it real easy others struggle with every minute of their quit....so if you're not feeling ranty or moody but actually feeling positive and coping like you say, dont doubt it, just rejoice in the fact you're into day 2 and beating this awful addiction :D

Cant advise you on what you should do with the patches as I went cold turkey, but personally I think wearing one every other day would make things tougher for you. Physical nicotine withdrawal only lasts 3 days, if you were going one day without a patch, you'd be torturing yourself by putting nicotine back into your system the next day.

Good luck.


Well done to you Red, going ct, you are so strong, in a way I think your method of quitting is the best if you can do it.........I got to be weaned of the patches, not going to stay on them too long, gonna take the bull by the horns and try to do the same....fancy a cig often but then it goes, it's the habbit of lighting up, i say to myself no you don't smoke, carnt belive i gone almost 2day would have smoked 40 almost by now.


Cold turkey was tough, but mentally for me its the best way, it gets the physical side over and done with.

You're doing grand, maybe if your not happy with the patches then, use an inhalator. Then you're only using it when you feel like you need to!

Just do whatever it takes though...so long as you dont smoke!!!


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