No Smoking Day
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Mad, mad, mad

OK, I awoke this morning in such a rage, sooooooo angry. I immediately 2, here we go. When I left for work I was looking for some idiot on the road so I could beep my horn very get the picture. I had to give myself a serious talking to and VOILA, it worked. I am feeling a lot calmer and sleepier, think I used up all of my energy being angry. Moral of my story is, I had it in my head that day 2 was a horrible day, and it started off that way. I believe I wanted it to be horrible so I had an excuse to either a. Smoke or b. Rage at someone for my own stupid mistake. We all have choices and we all, at one point, chose to smoke. I woke up this morning and had the same choices, smoke or don't smoke, be angry or don't be angry. I made the right choices :D:D:D

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You are absolutely right, it is all about choices, Good for you!, it's so important to have the right mind frame and very difficult in the first few days. You are doing great! :D


Hi Shojam, Good news for making the right decision,Keep smiling inside each time you fight them memories/craves of smoking! :)


Keep it going Shojam you did make the right choice, I'm sure some day's will be good and some bad just hope the good beat the bad, today for me was mixed :)

When did you quit?


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