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Marathon plan

This has to be the second most difficult thing I've done in the last 6 months! And I know.. I'm just blowing my own trumpet, but who cares.. This is how good you can feel when not starving your lungs of oxygen for an hour a day!

After quitting almost 6 months ago, I decided that I should try to go for it and run a marathon (ignoring the fact that 2 years ago I couldn't run 5k without lying down for 2 days after)..

What a difference 6 months makes! This Sunday was a landmark for me in running 27k! My plan is to get over 30k in the next 2 weeks. That will be just over my 6 month quit date!

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That is brilliant Barney - well done ! It always amazes me how our bodies can heal themselves so quickly after years of abuse! Good luck for the 30k bit - and for the marathon!


Sounds fantastic Barney - I wish my knees would hold up to running (used to cross country to a reasonable level as a kid). Cycling for me!!! Building up strength & fitness slowly following years of couch potatoness!!!


Hey Barney

Firstly congrats on the 6 mths. I am too thinking off long distance running, can I ask what kind of speed you started running at and what speed you ran that 27K at.




Hi Don.

I just looked back over my stats (these garmins are a wonder for motivation!)

At the start of last year, I was running about 6:00 per kilometre (6.5 miles per hour), but that has slowly improved, so I'm now up being able to run 10k at about 5:00 per km. My pace for the 27k was 5:18, although I think that was a bit too fast. Hoping to do the marathon at a 5:30 pace


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