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I'm in month 2!!!

Just thought I'd check out Month 2 room!!! Not like the 5 star Penthouse ( more like backpackers' accommodation )

However, we have to start somewhere & it's not too bad here. I don't really miss smoking.

Long walks ( when I can; the rain here has been torrential for ages ) & exercise seem to be the best thing for me.

Eating :( Like it's going out of fashion. This too will pass ( pardon the pun ) I tell myself!!

Thank you for your support. I have learned a lot about smoking from this forum. I don't think I could have done it on my own. This forum certainly expanded my narrative about why I smoke. Education is certainly the key.

Thank you all

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Thanks Karri

Thank you Karri & you won't be too far behind me:)


Congrats on month 2 - soon it will be the bed and breakfast, where I just upgraded too!

You have been a great supporter and valuable addition to the forum, so thanks once again and congrats!



I love reading these messages of moving into the next month :)

Onwards and upwards is the right way


Welcome nonico, I am almost out of here...heading toward month 3. It really feels great to move up to the next phase and to know..."Hey, I did it". Nothing like the feeling of accomplishment. This forum has been a great help. We are all in this together and at one time or the other have dealt with the same feelings and temptations.

Just keep on keeping on and don't ever give up the quit!!! ppat

Day 56 and LOVING LIFE!!!


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