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No Smoking Day
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Day 42!

Hello out there,

Well here I am at day 42.. The days seem to go much faster now. I don't really get craves anymore but sometimes get more of a passing thought to smoke. But it only lasts around 10 seconds or so..

The really amazing thing now is that as each day goes by:

- the craves get weaker and weaker

- my chest feels clearer and cleaner

- I really look so much healthier

- my teeth are looking really white.. hehe :D

- i am finally sleeping much better

But although this is the longest I have ever lasted since I first took up smoking, and I really do feel like I have quit, I need to be vigilent since in reality these are still 'early days'.

My aim is to reach the penthouse and then I will be forever free.

This forum is awesome. And you all really motivate me..

Next check in will be at 50 days ;)

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thats a really positive post and yes dont let your guard down that pesky smoker demon is still lurking inside waiting :eek:

having a positive attitude though will keep you staying quit

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

hope you have been treating yourself with the money you have saved :D


Thank you so much!

Actually I log in to this forum (almost) every day and look forward to reading posts which roughly match how many days I have quit.. It reinforces my amazing achievement thus far.

And this forum really is the best I have come across on the net.. by far.. and I live in Australia... :)

Funny story...

I was talking to a friend of my mine and the topic of smoking came up and I mentioned that I quit smoking over a month ago.. Apparently there is an 'old chinese saying' which goes:

'Never court someone who has given up smoking - they are simply too strong'...

Although this is light hearted.. it emphasises how difficult it is to give up smoking (mainly in the early stages) AND the strength one gains from Quitting smoking and staying quit.

This made my day and I use it now as motivation to be ever steadfast in my quit.

Cheers! :D


that is good a good saying

you should add it to your signature :D


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