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day 12

Good afternoon still here. Will be going to see my dad so be travelling to norfolk thursday. Ive had so much going on im my head no time for fags anymore dont even want to its strange feeling but a good one if you know what i mean. Ive only thought about it since being on here but its like they dont come into my thoughts. Ive been off my food nothing is appealing in the food chain at the moment. Maybe its just im thinking about my dad all the time. Take care all in your quit. Looking forward to day 14. Jacqui

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Hi Jacqui

I hope your Dad is ok and you feel better for seeing him x :)


:)Hi Mandy and many thanks for you wishes to my dad, I hope so. I went to the Dr today as off my food he gave me some Vitamins their humongusly big but managed to get one down. Drinking loads of water. And had 5 pancakes tonight which my OH made, simple delicious.

Good luck in your quit Mandy.


Quit Day: 10.2.12


Hi Jacqui

Hopefully they will help then!! mmmm pancakes - I did have a couple last night too!!



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