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feeling disappointed with it day 1 again?

Hi i have been stopped for 13 days now, but these last few days have been bad, i am on patches and inhalator. I have run out of patches and have lost my inhalator, and i have done the worse thing, i had 4 drags off a cigarette.

I get my new patches tonight and my new inhalator, but do i start from day 1 or just say its a blip and carry on.

I feel really guilty and even more stressed than before.

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Hi Annie,

Dont beat yourself up about it, 13 days and only 4 puffs of a cig is still amazing. I would just count it as a blip, and get straight back on being focused on your quit, keep reading on here to boost your confidence if need be.

Your doing fab, dont let it beat you hun, you can do this.


Thank you,

dare not tell hubby lol as we are doing this together.

But he works away and i am at home with 3 young kids, but its not been too bad up until recently.


Not serious :) it was only 4 drags! consider it a teeny weeny little blib and carry on, dont give up and try to stay positive, thats what has helped me, you can do it, Try and get the book "Allen Carr's easyway to stop smoking" if you havent read it, It helped me a lot along with taking champix, reading the book just gave me the extra motivation and put me in the right frame of mind and that is very important as well.

GOOD LUCK! you can!:D



Totally agree with the above posts. I am at day 14, only 1 day more but would have the same feelings as yourself if I fell to the temptation. But you only had 4 drags. In the grand scheme of things its nothing really. Chalk it off as a learning experience and look forward to your 2 week point. Congrats so far :D


Thank you so much for your kind words.

i do feel incredibly guilty and ashamed ha.

I have my patches now and my inhalator is coming tomorrow,

And yes i think i may get that book, will give me a good excuse to relax too

Annie xx


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