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Dissappointed @ No1

Hi fellow quitters,well this my second time @ day 2 ,originally quit on 30th Jan every thing was going better than expected then I hit the wall on a night out in a big way (20th day) and brought 10 cigs smoked 4or 5 then left them on a table at some bar .I still don't know why my resolve just crumbled as had been out for drinks the week earlier and was perfectly fine. Now back in the groove on the right track full steam ahead again just more determined to stop for good.I believe that failure can lead to success however a bit disappointed with I:o.

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Good for you for getting straight back to it, that shows real dedication :)


Hi puddles, thanks for your support and we all need that so badly at different times on this journey of a life line .

Tc :)


Everyone makes mistakes WINY.

The really successful learn from them and move onwards and upwards, just like you will this time round. :D