No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - Not what I expected!!

Well day 3 today and first day back at work and it was surprisingly easy! Despite the negative responses from my colleagues including, 'are you sure that stopping smoking is a good idea?' and 'oooh you've stopped smoking, I'll come back in a few days!' well thanks a bunch lol. I am a little worried that it is about to get so much harder, but I am having the most awful sleep (up 7 times last night for a wee) and dreamt about everything from kissing the boss to marrying my hubby again, have terrible wind and I'm constipated :( But hey I'm not smoking!!!

Hope everyone else is having a good day :)

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Hi Puddles

I think some of your work collegues may be a touch jealous!! I find people like that make me more determined though!!

I have the worst wind too but was blaming it on the champix!! That or all the rubbish I have been eaten!



Hi Mandy

It could well be the rubbish I'm eating but don't think I've been too bad, seem to have spent a lot of time cooking nice things which hubby is loving!

Think you may be right about the work colleagues!

How was your first day back at work?

P x


It was much easier than I thought it would be and all the Mums at the school gates were impressed this morning!

Feeling good today - fingers crossed it continues!



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