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Day 40

All good.

Looking back hardest thing getting going, cravings not been bad at all. Do think about cigs quite alot and nip on the forum for a bit of boost which is a big help.

I do feel the patches have helped get me started and made it being honest, fine to press. All the anti NRT from on high (Penthouse or another planet) makes me feel guilty, and a cheat but each to their own. I do think without them I would have been down the shop about 10.30am day 1.

Looking ahead taking nowt for granted, will ditch the patches either this weekend or next and take my chances. Mindset good, enjoying being free, understand NOPE

Future - can never say never, but day at a time, keep calm and carry on, and remind myself constantly of the benefits.

All the best

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40 days!

Great achievement Mr G :)

Don't worry about using patches, it's all about what works for you.

Just something to think about though. If you're going to ditch the patches soon, have you thought about keeping some around just in case?

If you do have a wobble it would be better to reach for a patch than a fag.

Keep it up :D


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