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No Smoking Day
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Concerned about some symtoms

I've basically got 2 important questions about the symptoms.

Firstly I read that you begin to cough up a lot stuff as your lungs clear, I am probably going to have 1 or even 2 teeth removed and this worries me as I don't want to hack up the clot(s) in the gums. Is there any way to make it a little easier or something to help prevent that?

My other question is on possible nausea, similar problem as the first, anti nausea meds tend to give me a reaction so I only take them if I have to and really try not to, any other tips for controlling nausea without anti nausea meds?

I just want to be prepared so I don't go through more pain.

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Not everybody coughs up stuff, it's rarer than you'd think - in fact you'll find a bunch of posts on this forum from people who were expecting to get rid of loads of gunk and got worried because they didn't! And even when people do cough it's not usually the kind of gut wrenching stuff that is likely to dislodge anything. I honestly don't think you need worry too much. If you do find yourself coughing a lot then an ordinary cough linctus might help a bit until your gums heal.

As for the nausea - you could try those travel sickness wristbands that work on the pressure points (available in boots), or anything with ginger in it, or take sips of ice water. They all help.



I'm on Day 18 and haven't coughed anything up at all and, as has been said by Helsbelles, many people don't.

As for nausea, you're more likely to get that if you are using patches, inhalers, Chamix or some other form of NRT.

As you are going cold turkey you are much less likely to suffer that sort of problem.

Incidentally, how long have you smoked and how many per day?


I've not coughed up anything. And its day 19 now. Also havnt had nausea either. I'm using patches.

Actually I did get some nausea the other day but that's the only time and I put that down to eating a indian take away lol too rich for me

Stop worrying, and come and join us. Its really fine, nothing to be scared about xx


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