No Smoking Day
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9 months no smoking :)

9 Months no smoking, todayyy!! Feeling massively confident that this is well and truely it- no turning back. Nowadays, the smell of of cigarette smoke generally affects my sinuses, feels totally blocked and horrible.. kinda reinforces the benefits of my quit.

To any newbies, keep going. I remember looking at post that were 9 months ahead of my quit, and feeling completely envious. They were hard days but it's worth it, and the time will fly, just keep busy. I'am now there and have never felt more proud of myself. It's a massive achievement to quit, no matter what anyone says.

Lets kill those tobacco companies :)

How are other long termers coping?

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hey big congrats on your nine months glad all is well and calm with u i am feeling great best thing i ever did glad i rode out the tough times in order to reap the benefits now its easy

well done



Nine months, brilliant!

There are quite a lot of longer-term quitters still hanging around here, telling those at the beginning of the journey that it does get better and it is, really and truly, worth the struggle.

I would have to be monumentally stupid to ever go back. But I don't deny my capacity for monumental stupidity, so I'm never going to be complacent :D

Well done rossatron. Congratulations.

Helen x


Well done, great to hear you are doing so well, It is nice to see people ahead of me feeling so good.

I am sure the next 3 months will fly by, keep up the good work.


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