Day 3

Hello all. If you read my post in day 2 then you know how Allen Carr has grabbed me in the sense of ADDICTION i now know that my NRT LOZ was ignored this morning had a refreshing cuppa followed by hot oats. And shortly i popped in a mint i kept thinking hey this is fun ive not had a loz until 4.30pm. But im so pleased i will continue to listen every night to Allen Carr your the best thing AC. Yay. Jacqui

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  • Oh and another thing plenty of water is a good thing too.

  • Good luck Jacqui

    I hope it sticks for you this time. :D

  • Thanks mrs t and karri. I dont want anything to come between me and my quit. Ive said this before will have to stay very very strong. As my dad not able to walk since being in hospital thats a worry. But i know that having a fag will not change things. WILLPOWER AND LOTS OF DETERMINATION. Jacqui

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