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Day 3 Misery!!!

The dreaded day 3!!! And as in previous quits it is the worst day so far, but having read all the other posts on day 3, everyones in the same boat. It started well, just seems to have slowly got worse - i know i dont want to smoke and the cravings are fine, but physically I feel drained.:(

Im at work just now but can honestly say Im being about as much use a sack of a*seholes at the minute!!! (excuse my language but it totally sums up how i feel lol!!!)

I think some positve comments from quitters past this stage wouldnt go amiss for the rest of us on day 3.

Roll on day 4!!!

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Hey Red,

Your doing grea!. You are exhausted cuz you are not jacked up with nicotine, you are leveling out. The nicotine is out of your body and now it's all mental. Every time you have "the crazies" that little nicotine monster is throwing a fit to get fed and dying. Keep going :D you are doing it. It gets easier. I promise.


Thanks Jubilee,

Im going CT so im trying to focus on the fact that by tomorrow i will be nicotine free. And then armed with alan carr, I will beat the mental addiction too.

"The Crazies" is a great name for those "moments" im having, my other half has lots of names for those "moments", but i can assure you none of them are nearly as polite as "the crazies" lol :D:D

Thanks for the support

Red x


day three has a reputation for sure however i just found it dull i found the mantra of one day at a time or 1hr@a time worked for me check out my links there is lots of stuff about day three week three mth 3. but do keep going its so worth it.keep reminding yourself why youve quit and stick to it be patient and you will reap the rewards.

Mash x:cool:


Lol i think its lack of sleep in the first week, we're not breathing all those toxic fumes into us anymore making us lethargic and comatosed lol so with lack of sleep etc we get crazy brain! I did anyway!


Hi Red, I have to say I don't know how people can go cold turkey but I congratiulate you.. because I know for sure i couldnt. Lozengers all the way for me, wether it be a few months or a few years who cares as long as I dont have a fag. Well done. Jacqui:D


quit date: 10.2.12:o


You're almost at the point where the nicotine has left your body :)

As such, the chemical addiction is nearly gone and it's now a matter of mindset.

You've done really well so far but it's likely there will be some days ahead when the craving (mental not chemical) will test you.

Knowing this is likely to happen means you will not be surprised by it.

On the contrary, you should expect it and, therefore, be prepared for it.

That way it won't catch you off guard and you'll be able to cope.

That's my way of dealing with it anyway :D

For those using lozenges, here's an interesting read...


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